Global Sponsor

adidas AG


adidas AG ("adidas") is a global sponsor of AKTIV Against Cancer. The brand selects certain products, including shoes and apparel, to carry the foundation's logo. These products help raise awareness of AKTIV Against Cancer and its mission. adidas generously donates a percentage of proceeds from the sale of these products back to AKTIV Against Cancer. 

adidas & Grete Waitz

Grete Waitz had a long history with adidas, wearing and promoting their clothing and shoes for more than 30 years. adidas' gratitude and love for Grete was built through its respect of both her running achievements and her commitment to the brand. She was a modern-day hero, both on and outside the sporting arena. Both Grete and husband, Jack, were important ambassadors for the leading athletic brand.

Grete´s personal fight against cancer was a courageous one, and she demonstrated the same positivity and inner strength throughout her illness as she did throughout her running career. Grete gave so much to so many people during her life, and adidas' support of AKTIV Against Cancer is their way to give back to commemorate her memory. 

“Grete Waitz was a star in many countries, particularly in the United States, where adidas has a large customer base. We are honored to have adidas as our partner and look forward to seeing the impact of the cooperation going forward,” says Helle Aanesen, Managing Director of AKTIV Against Cancer.