How did you get into running?

My main sport growing up was soccer, but it wasn’t until my little sister joined our local club team that I picked up running. She always came home talking about how fun it was and how many friends she had, so I decided to give it a try.

What do you like to do outside of running?

Outside of running I like to watch movies, hang out with friends, and play card/board games. Game nights are my favorite!

Favorite Race?

Naturally my favorite race is the 800 [meters], but I also love watching the 100m hurdles!

When is your favorite time to run?

My favorite time to run is in the morning. Things are still pretty quiet and calm, and it’s a nice way to slowly ease into the day.

What connects you to AKTIV Against Cancer?

My admiration and appreciation for Grete Waitz is what most connects me to AKTIV Against Cancer. I’m honored to be involved in continuing her legacy, and inspired by all of her accomplishments. She proved to the world women have a place in long distance running, and paved the way for athletes like me. Off the track, her bravery and dedication to helping others is what makes me honored to be connected with AKTIV Against Cancer.

Proudest moment in the sport?

I wouldn’t say I have one specific moment that I’m most proud of. There are so many different races that have special meaning to me. I can say that I’m always super proud anytime I hear that through running I’m able to inspire or motivate others.

Training or Racing tips?

Train hard, so you can race easy.

It’s important to grind it out and put in all the hard work in practice, so once you get into a race you’re confident in your capabilities. Come race time, if you’ve laid down the strong foundation, all you have to do is trust in your training and perform!

Music of choice and do you listen while running?

My music of choice is constantly changing, and it kind of depends on the type of mood I’m in. If I had to narrow it down though, I mostly listen to neo-soul and R&B music. I actually don’t listen to music while running though, because I get way too into the songs. I end up looking rather silly running around passionately lip syncing to my favorite songs!